Every successful business person and artist KNOWS how important it is to follow up!

You are at an event and you meet the CEO of a company. You hit it off fantastically. You talk about your artwork and you use your “script”. He just happens be looking for an artist to create a custom painting for his mansion on star island. The vibe is there and this guy can be your ticket to paying off your student loan debt! 

The night is drawing near and you are about to say your goodbyes. THIS MOMENT before you part is the probably the most PIVOTAL time of all. How you maximize this moment will determine if you are as professional as you claim to be. This moment determines the success of an artist.

At that very moment, he may ask you for a business card. You better have brought a business card! I don’t believe in business cards being effective in terms of them reaching out to you, but its a moment in their mind to see if you are really legit.

If you have a card perfect give it to them. HOWEVER, say you don’t have a card or forgot. This has happened to me plenty of times. It's totally ok. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ask for their card. DO NOT leave the event without that person's card. People at that status have a lot on their mind and most likely forget you tomorrow. It's SUPER important that you get that card with his email address and the next day send him a message.

I always send a brief message the next day with these three things in mind. 

1. Introduce yourself again. Recap what you guys spoke about.

2. Tell him again what you can do for him. Put your website link, so he can see the work you’ve done for other clients. Make sure to use your “script”.

3. Schedule a time to meet at his/her business, home etc. Let the person talk about their vision. Maybe they are super busy and can't meet. Tell them to send you a picture of the space that they want the painting to be in and any ideas that they had in mind.

Please spell check everything and keep it no more than a paragraph. 

This is an example of what I wrote to a VP of a Building Development company here in Miami. 

“Hello Bradley,

It was a pleasure meeting with you today. 

Here is my website 
I specialize in custom paintings and large-scale murals. On the website, you can view photos from my past Art Basel exhibitions. Also, you will see my portfolio of custom artwork, that I have created for clients from all over the world. 

Looking forward to completing your mural this weekend! 

-Beca C.”

In this particular case, I was introduced to the VP by a friend of mine. When I met him that day, it was intended to see the space that he wanted to be painted. I still sent him a follow-up email out professionalism to recap my experience.

This is an example of what you can write. 
Keep it short, sweet and to the point.

Stay tune for my next post as we will talk about
STEP 4: How to build a relationship with your clientele. 

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