How to Build a Relationship with your Clientele

People may forget what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel

To be successful you need to learn the art of maintaining positive relations.

People need to like you as a person and you need to make them feel like that they can trust you. As we know the best form of marketing is word of mouth. People need to not only like your work, but like you as a person. You will get more business this way.

 When people feel comfortable with you, trust that you will do a great job, then they will be more inclined to hire you than someone else.

Ideally, you want to have repeat customers. Build a positive relationship with them and they may hire you again or refer you to someone else.  I have several clients over the years that I’ve done multiple works for. They enjoyed my work so much that they referred me to their friends. 

It's like a dominos effect. You do one painting for one friend and then now all of their friends want one! You want to keep the momentum going. I always like to follow my clients on their social media. Not only is it a marketing tactic to tag them on your painting, but it's a way to keep you in mind. 

You will be very surprised who is looking at your work. The more work you post on your social media the better chances you have of getting another clientele. Whenever you are at a networking event or even a family gathering make sure to have them follow your social media. You don’t understand how much business I get from Instagram and Facebook. A person that I may have met a few years ago can contact me and could potentially be that $5,000 painting.  Seriously it has happened to me, so please take this advice. Continue to build that relationship not only in person but online as well. 

Create a Facebook, Instagram and or Twitter and start posting your work. Follow your friends and family and you will see how much more attention you will receive!!