How to think like a Millionaire Artist!

In order to succeed in the art world you need to have 2 things:
1) You NEED to be persistent
2) You need to have a BUSINESS mindset.

Talent in this world is subjective. I have come across a ton of REALLY amazing artists over the years. However, 9 out of the 10 of them have no sense of business at all! 

See that's the problem. Art school was never designed to teach you EVERYTHING. They taught you just enough to be an artist but not a successful one. Nowwww this gap of knowledge was intended to leave you VULNERABLE for other people to make money off you. I'll discuss that in detail in another post, but you get the idea. 

So what do I mean by a BUSINESS mindset? 

1) You need to treat your art as a PRODUCT, not as a "feeling". 

2) You need to know how to professionally talk about your artwork. (I would suggest having a two sentence script memorized).

3) You need to know how to verbally sell your work and close deals.

You may be thinking OMG I don't how to do any of this. it's OK! That is why I'm here for :)

Think about it and stay tuned for my next post, as I'll go into more detail on HOW to require that BUSINESS mindset!