5 Steps to Sell your Artwork like a Professional 

Hello viewers!

Thanks for joining me again. As you may know, selling artwork is tough. Many times we think we are incapable of selling it ourselves. Well, you are absolutely INCORRECT! The best person to sell your artwork is YOU!


These are the 5 steps you need to do to sell your work successfully. 

1. Build more confidence in yourself. 

2. Create a 3 sentence script about your artwork.

3. Learn how to FOLLOW UP.

4. Build relationships with your clientele. 

5. Ultimately, learn how to close deals. 


So let me guide you through each step. 



It's super important to be confident when you are talking about your work. Confidence is attractive, as everyone knows. When you sound and look confident then people around you will feel more convinced that what you're selling is really that good.

 In order to be successful, you have to act like you are the “shit”. Seriously! You need to stop being so modest and flaunt your work. The difference between the millionaire artist and the starving ones is your “talk game”. Now don’t be a bullshitter either, but if you are working on something cool TALK ABOUT IT! You don’t understand the amount of commission work I’ve received by just talking about my artwork. I talk about my art at bday parties, family gatherings, networking events, on social media etc..

Even if the person that I’m talking to doesn’t want a painting, they will remember you and refer you to someone that does! TRUST ME this totally works. Finding a legit professional artist is hard. If you are confident when you talk about your work people will remember you. 

Also, remember that art is a luxury. There has always been this air of exclusivity and symbolic status when it comes to obtaining artwork. It's considered “cool” to know an artist personally. Especially when you start getting popular people will treat you differently. So you need to start acting like a confident, professional and successful artist if you want to make some real money in this industry. Stop acting like a starving artist and act like a millionaire!

Ok so great you have the confidence but you don’t know what the hell to say! That's totally ok. Stay tuned to my next post as we talk about STEP 2: How to create a three sentence script about your artwork.