How to successfully sell your artwork… verbally?

Hey viewers! 

Soooo I really want to talk about this subject because ALOT of artist do not know how to sell their artwork…verbally. 

They depend a lot on their visual content and website to sell it for them. Other invest in hiring an Art manager or a gallery to do the selling for them. 
This is a HUGE PROBLEM. Why do I say that? 

You will lose a ton of money if you do it this way. No one cares to sell your artwork as much as you do. Most galleries will charge you a few thousand dollars to rent a space to display your artwork. PLUS they will charge you a 20-30% commission fee on each painting IF they sell it. Art managers will also charge you a based price and commission as well. Do you see what I mean?

You already investing a couple of thousands of dollars in painting that may or may not sell. In other words, you are in a hole from the beginning. 


Learn how to sell your own stuff! I was tired of wasting money with little to no return and I KNEW my artwork had potential. I started to read books on selling. I used the techniques and wow did I see a difference! 


1) I’ve made more money selling paintings BY MYSELF than I have ever done with a gallery.

2) I started off selling for a couple hundred and now I sell for a couple of thousands. 

3) I started to sell my work to family and friends and now I sell it to CEOs and VPs of major companies. 


1. I started to build more confidence in myself. 

2. I created a 3 sentence script about my artwork.

3. I learned how to FOLLOW UP.

4. I build relationships with my clientele. 

5. Ultimately, I learned how to close deals. 

These are the 5 steps you need to do to sell your work successfully. 

Stay tuned for next week, as I will talk about each step in detail!