How to TALK like a Millionaire Artist

The past few blog posts I’ve ben talking about the 5 steps you need to do in order to sell your artwork successfully. 

We talked about STEP 1: Build more confidence in yourself.

Now we will talk about STEP 2: Creating a 3 sentence script, so you can TALK like a Millionaire Artist.

Ok, so you are not a MiLLIONAIRE Artist. WHO CARES! Ultimately that is what you want right? Then you need to start acting and talking like one. Why? Because people will perceive you the way you perceive yourself. 

Even though I’m not a Millionaire Artist.....YET, I still make very good money selling my artwork, acquiring commission work and building an international clientele. Not bad for a little 25 year old right? 
How would you like to make a couple of hundred or even thousands of dollars a month on your artwork PART TIME!!

Then LISTEN UP! Before we write your script answer these questions below about yourself as an artist. 

1. Who are you? (Artist Name)

2. What type of artists are you?

2. What type of work do you do?

3. What are your accomplishments? 

4. Who is your target market?

Once you answer these questions we can put it together, so it can look something like this....

"Hi, my name is Beca Castel and I'm a professional artist. I specialize in creating custom murals and paintings for my clients. I use a lot of gold in my pieces which repent luxury, abundance, and success. I've exhibited in Art Basel, been published in magazines and have sold my artwork to clients all over the world!"

Ok, so mine is 4 instead of 3 sentences but that's ok. The more you are in this industry the more you have to talk about! You want to keep it short, compelling and to the point. Don’t go off talking about the way painting makes you feel etc... If they don’t ask, then don't mention it.

Remember when you are talking to a potential client, it's all about fulfilling THEIR NEEDS.

So brainstorm a little bit and write back to me. I’m super curious to hear your 3 sentence script! Remember this script like this is your life. Practice it in the mirror, when you are in the car, on the bus etc… This is your FIRST IMPRESSION. Say your script with confidence and you will see how different people will respond to you. Of course, your script may change a bit depending on who you are talking to and the intention of your conversation. I will mention all of that in detail in another post.

Start off with this basic script and let me know it goes!

Stay tuned for my next post as we will talk about Step 3: How to FOLLOW UP!